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Exploring My Hometown

I've been home in Massachusetts for the holidays and between traveling around New England a bit to visit relatives and friends, I've enjoyed taking a step back and getting back to my roots as a photographer. While I absolutely adore every moment spent taking photographs of cycling and athletics, sometimes it's important to mix things up and go out to take photos without any particular goal. Growing up I used to take lots of long drives to take photos of landscapes (What I would do for that type of free time again!). I was always attracted to simple looking structures, and natural places that possessed a sort of "placeless" and "melancholic" energy. Luckily, my hometown of Dartmouth possesses many such places.

Today however, I got particularly lucky in how the lighting ended up towards the tail end of golden hair. The sun was setting under a clear sky in one direction, while in the opposite a storm front was rolling in, complete with big grey clouds. This combination allowed me to take some of my favorite images in recent memory. Enjoy!

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